About Us

Dr Stanica Dulovic
Dr Dulvoic graduated as a GP in Yugoslavia in 1982 after 6 years of full time medical training, and she worked as a GP for three years. She then began specialist training as a radiologist – a full time study and training course of three years in Belgrade Military Hospital. Upon completion, she worked for seven years as a senior radiologist at the Belgrade University Hospital before emigrating to New Zealand, in 1995.  Stanica does not practice in New Zealand as a registered GP.

In 1997, she studied at Massey University, and completed a Masters degree with distinction; Her thesis was entitled “Morphological effects of diagnostic ultrasound on rat adult lung and fetal tissues.”
She then worked as a sonographer at Middlemore Hospital, and in 2005, passed the Australasian three year ASUM examination( Australasian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine). After a stint as a sonographer at Broadway Radiology, and as senior sonographer at Masterton Hospital, Stanica decided to practice on her own, and Manawatu Ultrasound was born in 2007.

Manawatu Ultrasound is a privately owned and completely independent Ultrasound Practice, located at the medical centre at the Palms in Fergusson Street. The practice is solely owned by Stanica and her husband Neil Jepsen.

The practice uses a new Philips HD15 ultrasound machine, in conjunction with Comrad software. All images are stored locally on a PACS and also remotely transmitted within minutes of being imaged, to national PACS ( Patient Archive) so that the patient’s doctor(s) have nationwide and real-time access to the images and reports.
At the end of each examination, Stanica spends considerable time reviewing her notes and the 40 or so images taken during the examination, and a patient report is generated. This report is verified by one of three radiologists from Horizon Radiology (http://www.horizonradiology.co.nz/), and the report is sent, electronically, to the referring practitioners patient file either same day or over-night. Generally the patient’s doctor will see the report same day or the following day, and consider the findings. The images can also be viewed by the GP if he or she so chooses, by accessing the national archive. The GP may also ask for a copy of the images immediately after the scan is completed, on CD.

In cases where there may be concern over the findings, Stanica can discuss the images with Horizon Radiologists while the patient is still in the practice.

Stanica’s hobbies and interest include target shooting, poetry and painting, and she is an accomplished portrait artist.

Neil Jepsen
Neil Jepsen was born in Levin and grew up on a farm in Pahiatua, rode a horse to school, and dabbled in radio and electronics from a very young age. He graduated from Massey University in 1968 with a B.Sc, and in 1973 with a Masters degree in Biochemistry, and then worked as a research chemist for the DSIR in the 1970s.
In 1976, Neil started his own Electronics business, which he still owns, and works in full time in Palmerston North. Neil is the IT manager and practice manager for Manawatu Ultrasound. Neil is also a keen aerobatic pilot, passed his commercial pilot’s licence in 1970, and owns two aircraft. He spends most weekends, at Taonui airfield where he is an instructor. Both Neil and Stanica are keen hunters and have competed in Australia, and the USA in target rifle shooting.

Lexie Wilson
Lexie is that lovely kind lady whom you will meet in our reception. Lexie will take your booking by phone, greet you and look after you whilst in our waiting room. Lexie was nominated the most friendly receptionist of the year in 2007, an accolade that is well deserved.
Lexie is married, and her husband Murray, is a builder. They have just moved into a new house at Foxton beach that Murray has built.

Margaret Hanson
Marg is the other member of our friendly receptionist team, and has been a great friend to Stanica for many years. Marg will look after you on Mondays and Fridays, or when Lexie is away. Marg is married to Snow, and when she is not working with us Marg and Snow run a small precision engineering business.

Our Radiologists

Dr Bruce Allen. MB ChB 1980 Otago. Diploma 1987. Fellow 1989 RANZCR
Scope of Practice: Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology.

Dr Michael Alexander. MB ChB 1977 Otago. FRCP© 1984
Scope of Practice: Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology.

Dr Tony House. MB ChB 1965 Otago; M 1971 F 1984 RANZCR
Scope of Practice: Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology.